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Liverpool Home Of The Salt Museum & French Fort

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Liverpool sets on the east side of Onondsaga Lake and is immediately adjacent to the Onondaga Lake Parkway. Along the parkway is the French Fort, and along the lake is the Salt Museum. Liverpol is rich with tradition, restaurants, shops, and all of the conveniences you require. Many parks and recreation areas can be found in this little gem on the lake.

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Liverpool, New York


Liverpool is found along the Onondaga Lake eastern shoreline. It gets the name from the city of Liverpool in UK. It is located in the western part of the Salina Townshipand is North of Syracuse. This charming village is aso along the Route 81 and the New York State Thruway (Route 90).


Initially, the village was inhabited by Iroquois in the 16th century, but when the Canadian French Jesuits visited the area, they started setting up missions and Ste. Marie is one such mission outside the village. Earlier, the village was known as little Ireland but the building of Erie Canal and Oswego canal was responsible for the settlement of more people from all over Europe, New  England, and New York City.


Liverpool has become well known as a center for events in its many village parks. Several parades, sporting events, and gatheringsdot the calendar to keep you busy most anytime of the year.


Liverpool has had many manufacturing industries nearby over the years. In years of old, many of the trades and manufacturing facilities were either directly associated with the support of the Erie Canal or were there to use the Erie Canal as a “tool of its trade”. Nowadayes, you ca find plenty of cottage industries in nearby industrial parks as well as many professional parks filled with services.


The village of Liverpool as many small and inviting parks, restaurants, and great little shops. As well, it is immediately adjacent to the Onondaga Lake Parkway where the famous Salt Museum can be found. The Parkway from Liverpool to the Seneca River is closed to automobiles and remains one of the most popular walkways and parks in the county. Along the Parkway you can rollerblade, bicycle, walk your dog, have a picnic, or attend one of the many boat races held there every year. From April to October, a large skate park at an area of 16900 square feet is open. Another tourist attraction is the Wegman’s Boundless Playground which invites the boaters and park visitors for children and adults. The significance of this place is that even those who have physical sensory and developmental disabilities can enjoy this place and grow together.

Liverpool is a village that has a serene atmosphere but also has all the facilities of modern life and a paradise for the retirees.


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